• stopd2

    Re-engage & Recruit

    A place for audiences to interact, garner support, and get tools to help them spread the word, advance their thinking about diabetes, and impact the perception of those around them.

  • 19-slide


    Offering important rare books, manuscripts and photographs representing mankind's greatest achievements, The 19th Shop's website was built in WordPress integrating a custom design and admin screens able to accommodate their inventory's complex and unique data requirements.

  • agu-fall

    Rethink & Retool

    UX & Design for AGU's Annual Fall Meeting Site

reZOLV (verb) – to convert or transform by any process; to make clear or understandable; to find the solution or answer

Who am I?:

Creative thinker, designer and problem solver with a passion for delivering highly innovative and well designed user experiences across desktop, tablet and mobile platforms.
Two decades of experience creating large-scale sites as well as small projects that captivate and inspire while strengthening brand recognition.

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